Tantra Center for – Spiritual Tantrik Power, Learning Tantra Technique, Tantrik methods, Tantra Solutions

Tantra Center for – Spiritual Tantrik Power, Learning Tantra Technique, Tantrik methods, Tantra Solutions


Vam means the Left, which is the power of Shakti, i.e., the female power, your half life as 50% being the soul and 50% being the life. It is left sided power/ leftist power denoted as SHAKTI the power lying beneath our body is the repository of supreme power. Shakti is the aggressive manifestation of female power, epitomizes demon power. You can also seek your partner to reach the goal of self realization and attain a spiritual power which automatically gives an spiritual development for physical, mental, emotional and intitutive power leading to minimize your materialistic problem and hence frees you to move towards Self Realization. Vam-Tantra is the reintegration of positive, i.e., male and negative, i.e. female forces, known as left hand path. It is due to this that the females who are of lunar influence, negative polarity of the left, plays a leading role in Vam-Tantra, the mystic science. Shakti representing the female creative force, which is the power of Vam-Tantra.


It is a technique for attaining the Spiritual Power. When power and supreme technique combine special Spiritual Power is gained. Tantra seeks to use the prana (divine power) that flows through the universe (including one’s own body) to attain purposeful goals. These goals may be spiritual, material or both. Tantrism is a quest for spiritual perfection and magical power. Its purpose is to achieve complete control of oneself, and of all the forces of nature, in order to attain union with the cosmos and with the divine. Long training is generally required to master Tantric methods, into which pupils are typically initiated by a guru.Tantra denotes philosophy, or ritual actions. According to Tantra, “being-consciousness-bliss” or Satchidananda has the power of both self-evolution and self-involution. Prakriti or “reality” evolves into a multiplicity of creatures and things, yet at the same time always remains pure consciousness, pure being, and pure bliss. In this process of evolution, Maya (illusion) veils Reality and separates it into opposites, such as conscious and unconscious, pleasant and unpleasant, and so forth. If not recognized as illusion, these opposing determining conditions bind, limit and fetter (pashu) the individual (jiva).


Tantrik siddha Guru and master of kundalini.The founder of Vamtantra.com i.e. Bharat Eshwar Jha’s  birth place itself relate to a place where most renowned  Tantrics were born right on the land of Mithila. Like  Goddess Sita and  Sh. Pantanjlee, the mastro of yoga of   modern and all times to come, who taught the world, the  way of leading life with high moral values in the materialistic  world imbibing their cultural inheritance from the sage of a   spiritual leader from whom even in the normal  way of heir  life, talk about the Tantra Mantra and a holistic approach towards each quarter of life. Despite completing his first class law degree and mechnical engineering, but his inborn  quality hounded him to seek solace and search the real meaning of LIFE. He engrossed   himself immensely in the field of Spiritualism mainly to know the world through Tantra-  Mantra, Astrology, Occult Science etc. and obtained ” Sidhhi ” He renounced the materliastic world for 25 yrs to obtain “Sidhhi” and became a Sadhak. His guru rechristened  his name as “Swami Vatsanand” After passing through great ordeal he determined to lead in  a solitude and secluded place, but with the Guru’s blessing and order they sent him to  impart the same knowledge to the world and was also  persuaded by the followers and disciples. Whatever preaching were given to the founder Vatsanand by his Guru ji ,he dedicatedly imparted the same knowledge to the people interested in Spiritual awakening  Swami ji has so much perfected himself during the great ordeal period in the field of occult science, tantra mantra and yantra that “seeing is believing, learning is living and feeling is convincing”.