Sade Sati


Shani Sade Sati

Sade sati which literally means seven and a half is the 7½ years long period of Saturn (Shani), entering the zodiac sign as per the moon rashi. Shani takes 30 years to traverse all the 12 rashis. He stays 2 and ½ years in one ‘rasi’ or moon sign. The effect of Sadesati will continue while Saturn transits through the one sign before the moon-sign and one sign after the moon-sign. For example at present shani is positioned in Dhanu(Sagittarius) rashi thereby also causing an affect to vrischika(scorpio) rashi i.e one sign before and to Makar(Capricorn) rashi which is one sign after Dhanu(Sagittarius)rashi. Saturn spends around 2½ years in each sign. To cross these three signs it takes about 7½ years.

Saturn Transit

At present as per the moon rashi w.e.f 26 Jan 2017 shani sade sati is going on the rashi of Vrischika(Scorpio), Dhanu(Sagittarius) and Makar(Capricorn). The persons of these rashis are advised to go for the shani sade sati remedial puja immediately.

If a persons is confused about his moon rashi and is not having horoscope or kundli can make out whether he is under the influence of sade sati.

Sade Sati Effects

The following are the negative effects or state of difficulties caused by shani sade sati:

    • Persons going under Shani Sadesati create for themselves personal, social, marital and financial troubles.
    • Under sade sati the individuals have unnecessary and unforeseen troubles resulting from an unfortunate eventualities, prolonged illness of self or any family member.

No matter how any amount of hardwork you do, conditions are not appropriate for you to achieve success? You could be under the influence Sadesati.

  • During shani sade sati certain arishta yogas responsible for legal dispute, unsteadiness, bankrupted business, false accusation, loss of interest in work, joblessness, constrained relation with family and friends are formed.
  • Saturn sade sati creates obstacles, doubts, and depression, family disputes, enemies, court cases. It also creates environment in which individuals suffer from black magic, evil spells, Curses, Ghosts and Spirits.
  • Persons under the influence of shani sade sati are betrayed in their financial, personal, social and marital matters.
  • shani sade sati creates an obstruction that impedes the growth of students career and education.

If you are Experiencing discontent with your business, or suffering from various ailments marked by causing sadness or sorrow then may be you are in due need to take blessings of Shani Dev.

To get rid from misery and annoyance caused by above mentioned problems we suggest to go for the shani sade sati tantrik puja conducted by us to get immediate relief and feel Comfort from disappointment & misfortune.

Sade Sati Remedies – Shani sade sati tantrik puja

Shani sade sati puja is conducted by vamtantra on taking account of individuals problems and also after full scanning of the horoscope. Shani sade sati remedial puja is conducted by vamtantra for persons suffering from shani sade sati or if their is any malefic/ markesha of shani in horoscope. Expenses for Vamtantra shani sade sati tantrik pooja is Rs 11000(eleven thousand only).

  • Complete name of the person for whom the Puja has to be performed.
  • Father’s Name.
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Time of Birth.
  • Additional Information
  • Contact Number.

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*Any pooja’s and rituals done on these auspicious occasions plays prime importance to seek blessings and good fortune for all family members. Nine planets are worshiped to achieve success and the maximum power is generated from a particular planet to get it fully energised.Special Tantrik Puja’s which is performed only at midnight are done to remove ego and negativeness that hamper spiritual and material growth. Tantrik rituals are performed essentially for general happiness, health, wealth, and peace. People are blessed with intense joy, prosperity and seek protection against evil, enemies and adversities.

All the above poojas are done by tantra sadhaks by maintaining pure sanctity and incorporating vedic/tantrik rituals to get fast results.

Only your trust,faith and belief gives the best results