Pitra dosh

powerful puja for pitra dosh in the horoscope.

Pitra dosh

Pitra dosh appears in the horoscope of a person due to the previous bad karmas of his forefathers. In simple terms, he has to pay for those actions by going through the suffering that has been decided for those karmic deeds. This will continue until these karmic debts are cleared either by suffering or by the good deeds that have been done by the person who has the pitru dosha. It is just like a child inherits the assets and liabilities of his forefathers in this materialistic world, the results of past karmas are also passed on to the descedents.

Identify pitra dosha in horoscope/kundli

The Pitra Dosha created in horoscope is related to the Sins committed by ancestors. Appeasing deity of the relevant planet causing Pitra Dosha in horoscope of a person is must, to get rid of the problems originated due to them. Otherwise, the implications of Pitru Dosha will continue to reflect in the birth charts of ongoing generation.
Pitra dosh is reflected in our horoscope when 9th house is under influence of malefics planets or the lord of ninth house is anywhere placed in a malefic or retrograde position. Certain particular planetary positions of sun, moon, jupiter, venus, saturn, rahu, ketu, mercury and their malefic or retrograde effect also causes this dosha in horoscope. Planets like sun, mars, saturn may be yoga kark forsome lagnas to induce pitra dosha.

Once pitra dosh is detected in kundli of the individual it should be immediately neutralised by conducting the pitra dosh nivaran puja performed by vamtantra.

Problems caused due to pitra dosha

Ill Effect of Pitra dosh on health & mind

Pitra dosh creates undesirable effects on persons health and mind making them physically unsound or diseased. Some of the impacts of pitra dosh on individuals are:-
Pitra dosha leads to persistent bodily disorders or disease and is more likely to cause prolonged illness of self or any family member. The family faces effects of evil spirit and BLACK MAGIC repeatedly. Thus a person will be devoid of good health.

Ill effect of Pitra dosh on Education & Career

Constantly unsuccessful in examination, It retards motivation and learning for higher studies, effort that does not accomplish its intended purpose, lack of success and loses consistently in education & career. Recurrent Loss of job, hinderance and obstruction in promotion and destruction of career.

Ill effect of Pitra dosha on Love and marriage

Pitra dosha will adversely affect his/her relationship with the spouse or beloved. Delay in marriage, strained Married Life, neither expressive of nor exciting sexual love or romance for good sexual life, Infertility (Problem in conceiving a baby), repeated miscarriages, death of children in their childhood, defective putra yog, disharmony between couple, extramarital affair, divorce are some of the malefic effects of pitra dosha.

Ill effect of Pitra dosha on Prosperity & Wealth

lack financial prosperity and stability, enormous debt that pushes a person to extreme poverty, obstacles in functioning of business, facing hinderance in getting monetary benefits, problems in aquiring and retaining ancestral wealth.

Remedy for pitra dosh

If any of the above ills or difficulties are having a deeply disquieting or disturbing effect, vamtantra suggest you to get Pitra Dosh Nivaran tantrik Puja performed at the earliest.

Pitra Dosha Removal By Amavasya Daan

Ann and vastra daan on any amavasya mitigates the effects of pitra dosha. There is a special significance of blanket daan specially on the night of pushya amavasya. This daan should be done to people sleeping on the roadsides. This daan is beneficial for mitigating pitra dosha along with the negative effects of shani, rahu and ketu grahas.

Pitra dosh puja

Performing Pitra dosh pooja for ancestors will bring good fortune to their descendants and thereby receiving positive energies for progress. The descendant also receives blessings from the pitra/forefathers to help him materially. This can greatly help the individual to progress spiritually as the material obstacles or problems are eradicated. This pitra puja by vamtantra is very powerful and effects on health and curing serious diseases. This is being done for getting recovery from chronic diseases and other body aliments. Those who are invariably suffering from any aliments shall get this tantrik pitra dosh nivaran pooja done for early recovery.
This pooja is specifically suitable for Success in Business or Career, Protection from Evils and Enemies.

Further the persons going through the main and sub period of jupter ( Brahaspati mahadasha and antardasha) are suggested by vamtantra to conduct the pitra dosh puja so that quantum of suffering or debt is reduced.

Expense for Tantrik Pitra dosh nivaran puja

Expenses for Vamtantra tantrik pitra dosha nivaran puja and Daan performed at garhmukteshwar(on bank of ganga river) is Rs 15000 (fifteen thousand only).

We request you to provide us the following details for the Puja

  • Complete name of the person for whom the Puja has to be performed.
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*Any pooja’s and rituals done on these auspicious occasions plays prime importance to seek blessings and good fortune for all family members. Nine planets are worshiped to achieve success and the maximum power is generated from a particular planet to get it fully energised.Special Tantrik Puja’s which is performed only at midnight are done to remove ego and negativeness that hamper spiritual and material growth. Tantrik rituals are performed essentially for general happiness, health, wealth, and peace. People are blessed with intense joy, prosperity and seek protection against evil, enemies and adversities.

All the above poojas are done by tantra sadhaks by maintaining pure sanctity and incorporating vedic/tantrik rituals to get fast results.

Only your trust,faith and belief gives the best results