Adhik Maas also known as Purushottam Maas

all about special puja, vrat and anushthana during adhik maas

Adhik Maas also known as Purushottam Maas

The concept of Adhika Masa is unique to the traditional Hindu lunar calendars based on the cycles of the Moon. A lunar month is around 29.5 days long. Now, a solar month, that is the usual calendar, is 30 to 31 days. The lunar year consists of 354 solar days and solar year consists of 365 days. So, as years pass by each lunar month starts earlier to the corresponding solar month. There is a difference of 11 days between the lunar and solar year. In every two or three solar years the difference between the two calendars becomes a full month or around 29 days. To compensate and get the two calendars similar an extra month is added. Vasishta Siddhanta, a treatise of Sage Vasishta, says that the Adhika Masa occurs after every 32 months, 16 days and 8 Ghadis. A Ghadi is 24 minutes.

Adhik maas dates in 2018

There is an Adhika Masam or Adhik Masa or an extra month which will come in year 2018. This adhik maas is known as purushottam maas or as mal maas among the people.In the 2018 hindu lunar calender this adhik masam is from 16th May 2018 to 13th June 2018. This additional time unit of approximately 30 days is called Adhik Ashad Maas or Adhik Ashada Mahina. So in 2018 there are thirteen months in Hindu Lunar calendar apart from the normal 12 months.
Adhik masa is celebrated as sacred month. People perform extra mala japas, pradakshinas, pilgrimages, scriptural reading and parayans.

Adhik maas religious significance

During the period of purushottam masa people perform various types of religious rituals such as keeping fast, recitation of religious scriptures, mantras, prayers, performing various types of puja’s and havans. Vrats of various timings(full day, half day, weekly, fortnight, full month) are carried out as per the tolerance capacity of individuals. These vratas may be of complete fasting with liquids only or without liquids, fasting with fruits only or keeping fast with one time vegetarian food.

Persons performing good deeds/satkarma in this month conquer their indriyas/senses and they totally come out of punar janam i.e. cycle of rebirth and also their miseries are eradicated.

Performing penances knowingly or unknowingly in this adhik masa in any form imbuse spiritual merit and attains peace
Any graha dosh or specific dosh nivaran puja performed in purushottam masa to rectify the horoscope gives ten times more better result to the individual.

Individuals observe this sacred month, which arrives after every thirty-two months, by performing scriptural reading and parayans – holding a katha series of a sacred text. During the entire month of male maas patha of hindu shastra such as shrimad Devi Bhagavat, shrimad bhagwat puran, shri vishnu puran, Bhavishyottar Purana etc are carried out by vamtantra sadhaks. These religious rituals are capable of washing away all the sins of people accumulated during this life and past life.

Benefit of adhik masa vrat

  • Keeping fast during this period is equivalent to performing a hundred yagnas, which acts as a path to attainment of place of complete bliss, delight and peace.
  • The purpose of this month vrat as per vamtantra is to propitiate deity to achieve and fulfill his desires, to bring the divine grace and blessing, gaining back lost health and wealth, begetting offspring, divine help and assistance during difficult period in one’s life.
  • Eliminate all the sins of people accumulated during this life and past life.

Precautionary measures during adhik maas vrat

During the period of the observance of a vrata either complete or partial fasting on certain specific days according to vamtantra one should keep oneself clean and pure, observe celibacy, speak truth, practise patience, avoid non-vegetarian foods and conscientiously perform all the rituals.

Special tantrik puja and anusthan

In the month of purushottam masa vamtantra conducts the following patha on behalf of the individuals which continues for full month alongwith special tantrik puja and anusthans as per the individuals horoscopic requirement.

  • Shri Ramcharitmanas akhand patha or navaha parayana or maas parayana
  • Srimad Bhagavad Gita patha
  • Srimad Bhagavad Purana patha
  • Srimad Vishnu Purana patha and abhishek to Lord Vishnu alongwith patha of Vishnu Sahasranama
  • Srimad Devi Bhagavad patha

All the above patha’s are concluded with shri satyanarayana katha patha, yagya and homam.

Shrimad Bhagavata Purana Yagya Homam

Expense for Vamtantra Mal Maas/Adhik Maas Puja

Expense for conducting any of the above mentioned patha is Rs 25000(twenty five thousand only).

Special tantrik adhik maas patha, puja and daan will commence as per demand on any day of purushottam month and will continue for 11-15 days as per the individual requirement.
All the above puja’s continues alongwith Shri ganesh kalash sthapan poojanam, pranprathista, sodasoupchar poojanam, vishnu poojanam, purnahut, homam and visarjan. Apart from these we also conduct Shri vishnu yantra poojanam and any other specific tantrik pooja as per the requirement. Out of above mentioned patha the most beneficial puja will be recommended by guruji after spiritual scanning of individual horoscope.

Adhik Maas Daan

Daan/charity holds great importance in human life after which individual discovers ecstatic comfort. Daan is intended to propitiate sins committed intentionally or unknowingly in this or prior lives. Daan is fruitfull just when you give your valuable possesions unhesitatingly and without desire of any return. Daan is praiseworthy and pure when you do it in secret. Gain more goodness by giving out your best to the poor.

Bhandara conducted on adhik maas by vamtantra is more pious and blissful. Giving donations for ann and vastra daan on this month reduces the malefic effects of Navagraha.
Mal maas maha bhandara will be conducted by us on any one of the holy places for the needy and poor people and also for sadhaks and brahmins. People interested may donate as per their wish as it purifies your yester years sins and also acts as remedy for removal of all doshas/graha shanti.

Ceremonies Forbidden during Adhik masa

During this period, marriages, tonsures (mundan), inaugurations of new home(bhumi poojan, griha pravesh), fasting with desire of some worldy gains, buying new ornaments and vehicles are prohibited.

We request you to provide us the following details for the Puja:

  • Complete name of the person for whom the Puja has to be performed.
  • Father’s Name.
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Time of Birth.
  • Additional Information
  • Contact Number.

*Any pooja’s and rituals done on these auspicious occasions plays prime importance to seek blessings and good fortune for all family members. Nine planets are worshiped to achieve success and the maximum power is generated from a particular planet to get it fully energised.Special Tantrik Puja’s which is performed only at midnight are done to remove ego and negativeness that hamper spiritual and material growth. Tantrik rituals are performed essentially for general happiness, health, wealth, and peace. People are blessed with intense joy, prosperity and seek protection against evil, enemies and adversities.

All the above poojas are done by tantra sadhaks by maintaining pure sanctity and incorporating vedic/tantrik rituals to get fast results.

Only your trust, faith and belief gives the best results